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SolarGuard™ Reflective Insulation

Solarguard Attic Installation

SolarGuard is the first insulation to protect against radiant heat. This revolutionary fiberglass and radiant barrier product blocks out radiation from the sun, keeping your home cooler and your energy bills lower. SolarGuard Reflective Insulation can stand up to the toughest thermal and fire safety standards. With a compact design, it is easy to install and fits perfectly in hard-to-protect places. You can install SolarGuard Reflective Insulation in your home in all those places that are hardest to insulate: knee walls, attics, and countless other places.

SolarGuard is a revolutionary reflective insulation product that combines a high-performance fiberglass core with durable reinforced facing materials on the exposed side, and a reflective foil film on the back side.  The materials used in SolarGuard offer the best fire performance of any reflective insulation material in the market today as well as top thermal performance.  SolarGuard has a fiberglass core and has been tested to the nations' most stringent and current Fire and Thermal test standards.  Click here to view a SolarGuard Brochure and examine the three available SolarGuard facings; White, RFSK Foil and Foil / Foil.

Features and Benefits:
  • Reduced installation costs.
  • Costs less to ship and store.
  • Not effected by compression between purlins and roof sheets in metal and wood frame buildings.
  • Bird and rodent resistant.
  • Ideal for commercial applications, both alone or in conjunction with fiberglass, for optimum total thermal performance.
  • No itchy fibers!  SolarGuard's high-performance fiberglass core is encapsulated.
  • Addresses all three modes of heat loss/gain:  Radiation, Conduction and Convection.
  • Superior Flame/Smoke ratings.
  • Perfect for dozens of uses in commercial and residential construction.
  • Features our unique Versa-Tab that eliminates the need to tape seams.

Solar Guard Reflective Insulation in Residential ApplicationSolarGuard - the best choice under the sun!

Solarguard Reflective Foil Insulation in sold by the roll.  You may view the widths, lengths and pricing in the catalog.  If you already know how many rolls you need and how much tape, then click the "View Our Catalog" button at the  bottom of the page to go to the catalog.  From there you may view the various materials and when you are ready to make a purchase, just click on the "Add To Cart" button to add any items to your shopping cart.  Note: It is also a good idea to purchase your tapes with your Solarguard Reflective Foil Insulation purchase.  
SolarGuard Reflective Insulation in a steel building
Don't know how many rolls of Solarguard you need?  Use our insulation calculator to determine your metal building insulation requirements.  Do you want us to estimate your requirement and provide a Solarguard Reflective Foil Insulation price quote?  All you need to know is the particulars of your building and we will be happy to prepare a quote for you (normally the same business day).  If you are purchasing Solarguard for a residential application, you will need a residential building contractor to estimate your requirements.  When you check out in our shopping cart, select 'Radiant Barrier' as the 'Shipping Method' in the 'Shipping Method' drop-down menu.  Visit our Freight Notices page for more information our freight for our various products.  

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